We can offer you the following activities with facilitation:

Bridge Jumping

A minimum group of 30 is required. It takes approximately one hour for 20 jumps.


A minimum group of 30 is required. To plan your program, please note that it will take a morning for a group size of 30 to abseil or a whole day for 60 to 70.

Raft Building

Only 2 teams of 10 each per hour can be accommodated.

Mountain / Gorge Hike

The length of the hike is up to you, but can be between one hour and 3 hours long.

Please note:

Please keep in mind that our facilitator on site cannot run the facilities concurrently. What we usually suggest is that your group is split up and half the group goes for bridge jumping, while the rest of the group is kept busy with an onsite activity e.g. swimming / volleyball / raft building. (Please bring your own volleyball / soccer ball)

For further information regarding these activities at CYARA, please feel free to contact
076 684 8220 AFTER HOURS.
He will assess your needs and whether your group size requires additional facilitators. Price on enquiry.

Please be advised and take note that all participants will be required to sign indemnity forms.

Should you wish to make use of these facilities you are required to book these with us well in advance.